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A short story on how I dealt with financial troubles

Last few years I have been travelling around the world. This was an amazing experience – I have visited nearly each of 7 wonders of the world, I had a chance to get to know many beautiful places and have met lots of amazing people. Unluckily, after coming home, I realized I have extremely serious financial troubles.

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I didn’t bother about that while travelling. This was just too gorgeous and amazing scenario back then to care about something so earthbound as money. I just kept on convincing myself that I would pay all debts easily when I come home and have a job. Nonetheless, I ended up with much higher debts than I could pay off. And I knew that I had to take responsibility for my stupid decisions and implement a recovery plan. To get started with, I decided to conduct property valuation of my house. This was the only valuable thing I possessed. I inherited it a few months ago after my grandmother. In the end, when I was informed how much it was worth, I made a diecision to sell it. For part of money I had received I bought smaller flat. The rest of the money was meant to pay off the most urgent financial liabilities. When all most urgent loans were paid off, I was able to create a decent plan on how to pay off all remaining debts. I decided to focus at 1 loan at the time. I created a list of all of credits and began to pay off from those that had the highest interest rates. After each credit I paid off, I felt an enormous relief! Additionally, I changed the way how I purchase things. I was purchasing just these that I really needed. Even if something was very cheap, I asked myself many times if I really need that thing or I would be ok without it. Finally, when I understood that even if something is inexpensive, it would add up to big savings.

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What’s more, I also tried plenty of other ways to reduce my expenses. For instance, I stopped partying. Previously I had never though about how much money I was spending on booze. At the end, when I counted this, it turned out to be a without a doubt high amount. Presently, if I want to drink a drink or meet with friends, I invite them to my place or go to theirs. I ended going out to clubs. To conclude I would like to say that as a result of all of these moves, I did pay off all credots after 1 year. Furthermore, I also learnt my lesson – never spend more than you earn! For more information, check this web site: .

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